Weekend Update in Pictures

I realise I didn’t post much last week. Trying to get back into the groove of commuting and work. I hope this week will be much better.

I thought I would try to show you what I’ve been up to this weekend.

Picked more beans, looks like I might have two or three more rounds of bean picking. Some of the beans I put up for the freezer and did two small jars of fermented beans. I only did two because I am growing  scarlet runners and the pods can be quite thick. Didn’t know how that would translate into a ferment.

WP_20160117_10_26_06_Pro WP_20160124_14_34_12_Pro

I chose two different spice blends. One jar has chilli flakes, mustard seed, celery seed and dill tips. The other jar has tumeric, a knob of ginger, mustard seeds and dill tips. They should be ready in a couple more days, I will let you know how these turn out.

Then I made a batch of freezer pickles. I have been doing ferments and pickling of my pickles and quite honestly, I have run out of fridge space. So I thought I would try something for the freezer. Oh my gosh, I had a sneaky taste of these….to die for. Very sweet, but stunning.

WP_20160123_11_37_20_Pro WP_20160123_11_56_10_Pro WP_20160123_12_01_32_Pro

I am growing both gherkin and lebanese cucumbers. I think next year I might go solely lebanese. They are so yummy when they are tiny or big. The small ones I have been taking to work with me and just dipping them in salt. YUM!

A couple of recipes Mr. Cheeky is making this week call for celery and onion salt. Of course, I am going the cheaper route…not quicker…just cheaper of making my own. Drying out my celery leaves and some stems and onions. Can’t wait to put this together.

WP_20160124_14_34_42_Pro WP_20160124_14_34_48_Pro

Lastly, I gave my Beet Kvass a look over. Dang, it’s pink! I am letting it go for two weeks before I give it a taste. Some people drink after 2 days and some go four weeks. I am going to split the difference. I hope it’s good, the smell isn’t all that great. I’ve read posts where people call it earthy, I think it smells like feet. Lord, please make it taste better than it smells!


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